Jenny HrBacek RN

Jenny HrBacek RN

Jenny Hrbacek, Author, set out on a life changing journey when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Today, she has launched a national campaign to change the way cancer is detected. She hosts “The Cancer Free University” on www.CancerFreeAreYouSure.com. She appears in Ty Bollinger’s 2015 “The Truth about Cancer – A Global Quest” documentary series, the “Cancer Answers Global Summit,” and is a featured contributor to Doug Kaufmann’s TV show, “Know the Cause” and a frequent guest on The Tony O’Donnell Show (KCAA 1050 am).

She is the author of Cancer Free! Are you SURE?  The book is a result of several years of expert research. It is the road map for how to detect cancer years before it is typically picked up by standard screening tests such as a mammogram, PSA count, or PET scan. By the time a lump or bump is discovered, the cancer has most likely been growing for 7-10 years. She tells you where to get these tests, what they look for, what they cost, and how accurate they are. The 4th Edition became available February 2017.

If you are in treatment, this book also tells you how to avoid being subjected to the conventional one-size-fits-all cancer treatment. You can find out what drugs and natural therapies will be effective for your specific cancer and tailor a personal program for you. Tests can also confirm if you are truly cancer free after treatment—even when you’ve been told your surgical margins are clear and your PET scan is “clean.”
Jenny tells you how to detect cancer in time to intervene with diet, detox, and healing therapies—in time to prevent a full-blown diagnosis.

“Valuable time is wasted while conventional medicine waits years for the LUMP or BUMP to show up on an imaging test. Because nearly half of us will get a cancer diagnosis in our life time, get tested now. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear.”
Jenny Hrbacek is a sought-after speaker. She spoke at the 2016 Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine-Conquering Cancer conference in Orlando, FL.; spoke at the 2016 and 2015 International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians conference Public Day; she was featured at the 2015 Integrative Health Conference in San Diego, CA., and the 2015 Cancer Control Society meeting.

Jenny is an advisory board member of BeatCancer.org and a general advisory board member of Best Answer for Cancer Foundation. She is a registered nurse and lives in Texas.
Contact Jenny Hrbacek for individual consults and public speaking engagements at jenny@cancerfreeareyousure.com
2017 Consulting Rates: $150/hr


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