Cancer Free! Are you SURE?  is a result of several years of research. The book provides a roadmap for how to detect cancer years before it’s typically picked up by standard screening tests such as a mammogram, PSA count, or PET scan. By the time a lump or bump is discovered, cancer has most likely been growing for 7-10 years. She tells you where to get the tests, what they look for, what they cost, and how accurate they are. If you’re in treatment, this book tells you how to avoid being subjected to the conventional one-size-fits-all cancer treatment. You can find out what drugs and natural therapies will be effective for your specific cancer. Tests can also confirm if you are truly cancer free after treatment—even when you’ve been told your surgical margins are clear and your PET scan is “clean.” Jenny gives you expert advice for detecting cancer in time to intervene with diet, detox, and healing therapies—in time to prevent a full-blown diagnosis. 

Jenny says, “Valuable time is wasted while conventional medicine waits years for the LUMP or BUMP to show up on an imaging test. Because nearly half of us will get a cancer diagnosis in our life time, get tested now. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear. Your body was created to heal!”

Here is what people are saying...

Excellent! We highly recommend this book. With Cancer, the problem of “not knowing what to do or how to monitor the cancer is a major concern. Jenny’s book is a tremendous help, and an answer to our prayers on “What can we do?”. She even tells you what the tests are, how much these tests cost, and where to get them. We wished we bought the hard copy instead of the Kindle book. There are so many books out there on Cancer, but none like this one. Everyone who has cancer, or is worried about getting cancer should get this book. This book will save LIVES because it tells you of tests that will detect cancer long before traditional doctors will pick it up. The earlier you can detect cancer, the easier you can cure it, and this book will tell you of Many tests to not only detect and find cancers but how to monitor it safely so you can know if a particular therapy is working effectively or not.

-Wes Yamada

Since being diagnosed with an aggressive endometrial tumor, I’ve been reading non-stop about cancer and ways to treat it. Surgery and internal radiation and now the next step is follow-up PET Scan by my traditional oncologist. I am a very healthy 66 y.o. who has always kept up on the latest medical info, be it traditional or complementary medicine. I was appalled to go to two highly regarded medical institutions and not one word of recommendations on how I could test or make lifestyle changes so to decrease the chances of metastasis! Due to the aggressive grade 3 tumor, even with what tested clear lymph nodes, I saw my report and had to question the high probability of cancer coming back when I saw my LVSI (lymph vascular space invasion) being present on my lab report. Not one word of explanation or insight did I receive. I received more information from this book than all the other books put together and categorized in such a way that besides reading it on my Kindle, I have decided to get a hard copy for my references and library. Thank you for helping me to empower myself by making positive changes in my food choices and references to all the lab testing that will keep me on top of my condition! This book would be a great read and wealth of information even if you were not fighting cancer. I am telling everyone I see about it!!! Even the doctors! MOST INFORMATIVE AND BEST ORGANIZED CANCER INFO BOOK I’VE READ YET!

– Best Wishes, S Dickerson in Alabama

I loved this book! It is an easy read and very helpful and informative! I just wish more people would research other options for cancer instead of the standard cut, burn, poison! This book can help caregivers, those with cancer or those who want to prevent it! Thank you, Jenny!

– Mommy5

I have read a lot of books about cancer but this is the most important. Tells about circulating cells, the cancer doctors don’t tell you this and you’re not cured until they are gone. THIS IS WELL WRITTEN, need to know info if you have cancer. I don’t have cancer but focus on prevention because I suffer from a long term chronic illness that has been associated with cancer. The information contained in this book is potentially lifesaving. I intend to get some of the testing described in this book, for myself and for my mother who has had a few skin cancers removed lately, including melanoma.  This is great all about really getting cured of cancer with great references.  LOVE THIS BOOK!

Enjoying Life

Whether you have had or currently have cancer, you can avoid the “watch, wait and wonder” after the remission or cancer free declaration. Jenny has armed herself (and you) with valuable information. She also details therapies that have great promise if you would like to avoid going through “cut, burn and poison” standard practice therapies. This is a must read!

– Judy

This is an amazing book that gives you a proper education on the subject of cancer. Detecting it, reversing it, and preventing it. It also offers cutting edge dietary and supplemental protocols that you can utilize. EVERYONE should own this book and once you get it be sure to share it with family and friends. The author is a great speaker too and is in the “The Truth About Cancer” viral documentary which is another great information resource.

– Will

Excellent reading! Full of realistic, viable alternative beneficial test and where and how to access them.

– Bill

This book contains a significant amount of information relating to cancer, breaking paradigms about is this deadly disease, its causes, and how to deal with it.

– H Yuenjr

This book gave my husband and I vital information in battling cancer. We have utilized information given to find an integrative doctor who is helping to reverse this scourge. Get it!

– Happily Natural

Excellent information, well written. I know my way around this subject fairly well, but learned new information. A must for those who have relied on cut/poison/burn treatment exclusively.

– Ginger Grace

With my prostate cancer and my wife’s breast cancer, we were interested in finding out all we could about cancer and alternative treatments. The book is packed with a lot of information anyone one concerned with cancer could use. A very helpful book.

– Tony Hicks

Advise this book to any person!

– Craft Life

It is easy reading and does easy references so you can understand. There are no stones not turned and seem to be verified well. Information that we are never told. 

–  Patti Gottula

A must have book!

– L. Murray

I highly recommend.

– Terry Peiper

Excellent information. Great recommendations on nutrition.

– Joan Chalkleyon

Gives me the control I am looking for in my own health care. There are avenues I can take in spite of health insurance companies. Thank you for directing me to the right places and doctors.

– Don

Wonderful information. A must read for anyone who loves a cancer patient.

– John Newton

This book contains lifesaving information that everyone needs to know. Thank you, Jenny, for all the amazing research!   A Must Read! 

– Michelle


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